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Which version should I install?

BlueMind offers a choice between its "Stable" and its "Edge" versions. Each is designed to meet different needs

"Stable" version

  • Enterprise-focused: Intended for companies that want to roll out BlueMind in a production environment, stability is the main goal of our "Stable" version.
  • More thorough testing: Longer test cycles are applied to each modification of the "Stable" version.
  • Fixed feature scope: The "Stable" version focuses on strengthening existing features rather introducing new ones.

Install BlueMind v3

"Edge" version

  • Cutting edge: The "Edge" version includes the latest features, performance and technology enhancements.
  • Fast release cycle: The "Edge" version is taken straight from the lab with reduced testing.
  • Unsuitable for use in production: The "Edge" version is designed to give an overview of what is coming in the next major release. It is not intended for use in a production environment.

There is no Edge version at the moment. The v4 preview has not been published yet.