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Technology Partners

In order to offer its customers a rich, integrated experience, BlueMind has established technology and business partnerships with several industry players.


ALTOSPAM is an outsourced solution to protect email. The solution integrates 15 advanced anti-spam, anti-phishing and anti-scam and anti-virus 4. ALTOSPAM has over 3000 users whose structures Health Authority, the Group Labeyrie, F. I. of Human Rights, General Optics, Ecobank, UFC Que Choisir, Gaumont Pathé, Salins Group, Toulouse and CUGT, Science Po, Berger Levrault, Sagem, E. Leclerc, Bank Atlantic, ...

Integrating Mind Blue / ALTOSPAM brings security (spam and virus) upstream of the mail flow of the solution and Blue Mind frees the users’ mail, reduce the burden of platforms, and increase the availability and security of the architecture.


E-DEAL, French editor of CRM software (Customer Relationship Management) E-DEAL CRM.
Over 300 references including: TF1, ARTE, BNP Paribas, CIC, GMF Vie, Metlife, Casino, Norauto, Stallergènes, Toyota, UCPA, Darty, the RATP, Cofiroute, 15 ICC (Marseille, Toulouse, Nantes, ..) airports of Nice, Nantes, Lyon, ..

Blue Mind synchronizes E-DEAL calendars and contact E-DEAL.


AVENCALL XiVO editor and integrator, free solution for unified communications and contact center. Over 350 references: Groupama Rhône Alpes Auvergne, Highways South of France, CRAM Ile de France, Lyon, Ecole Centrale de Lyon, etc..

The association XiVO / Blue Mind will provide integrated ToIP or Blue Mind. Clic to call, presence management, phone status handling, automatic synchronization of address book.

ARKHEOS - electronic archiving

Arkheos SAARK editor and integrator, an unified electronic archiving solution (Messaging + files). This solution is available for Blue Mind and Microsoft Exchange. A management module archives, arkman, allows sealing archives according to AFNOR.

Integrating SAARK and Blue Mind can benefit from a normative archiving solution, automated and transparent to users, offering check-ins such as technical (storage gains and safety), heritage type (full text search) regulatory-type (archiving policy or individual business), and type with probation records management (migration, purging, sealing).

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