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BlueMind’s architecture design is based on the best software engineering practices, combining strength, flexibility and scalability to make the most of the best Open Source email components

Logical Architecture

  • BM-Core, centralized business rules and data management

  • Fully web-based functionalities

  • Web services and messaging data flows only

Software Architecture

  • Full JavaScript user interface

    • Thick client-type ergonomics
    • No page reloading
    • Offline mode in web browser

  • Message Queue (MOM)
    • Push email
    • Session replication
    • ...

  • Integrated SSO

Technical Architecture

BlueMind relies on well-established Open Source components:

  • Postfix, Cyrus IMAP, Roundcube
  • Apache, Tomcat, nginx, HornetQ
  • PostgreSQL

BlueMind, Hôtel des télécoms, 40 rue du village d’entreprises, 31670 Labège, France