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Blue Mind, the new generation of professional collaborative messaging.

Experience the richness of Blue Mind

Blue Mind is a complete solution of company messaging, calendars and collaborative work. It aims to enable you to work daily with comprehensive, useful, efficient and effective tools.


"A nice and rich integrated webmail!"

  • 2 or 3 panes views (like in Outlook)
  • Shared mailboxes, delegations and filters
  • Drag and drop attachments from the desktop
  • AutoComplete addresses
  • And many other features ...


A useful and particularly fast calendar!

  • Easy handling
  • Rich and intuitive ergonomics
  • Full-featured calendars
    • Users, groups and resources
    • Availability search "free / busy"
    • Precise rights and delegations
  • Offline Web mode ("offline mode")


Shared contacts management

  • Multiple Address Books
  • Public, private and shared Address Books
  • Private or shared Distribution lists
  • Synchronization with Outlook, Thunderbird and smartphones
  • Contact information, photos, ..

Synchronization and Mobility

Any time access to your Blue Mind collaborative messaging

  • Web Interface (IE8 +, Firefox, Chrome, Safari)
  • heavy mail clients, POP / IMAP / SMTP
  • Outlook, Thunderbird, with calendar / contacts synchronization
  • Smartphones iPhone, Android, BlackBerry, iPad


  • High Availability
  • Advanced backup
  • Archival and hierarchical storage

Modern and scalable architecture

Simplicity for small structures, power for cloud and large installations

  • 2-clics mono-server installation
  • Distributable Services on a large number of servers, sites
  • Plug-ins management
  • Global Web Services interface, Java and Php clients


An extremely simple installation and native integration into the SI

  • Graphical Installation Wizard
  • Centralized servers management
  • Native integration with LDAP and Active Directory
Installation via le Setup Wizard

Blue Mind, Hôtel des télécoms, 40 rue du village d’entreprises, 31670 Labège

Blue Mind, Hôtel des télécoms, 40 rue du village d’entreprises, 31670 Labège, France